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Go to Menu/SHOP and start searching Your Benvados using the filters on the left. If the product is not available, click on Search for resellers and check if a retailer near you has the product you are looking for. Happy shopping!
Go to Menu/STORES and enter your city in the location field. If you cannot find it, try expanding your search radius by entering another nearby location.
Unfortunately we do not currently sell online abroad. We have a network of Authorized Dealers in Europe which you can refer to by searching the map in Menu/STORES and entering your city.
The first time you use a Benvado sandal, open all the adjustable straps and position your foot inside the sandal. Adjust the first strap with Velcro or a buckle, starting from the toes to the ankle in order to adjust the sandal to your foot.

All Benvado insoles, both in sandals and shoes, are covered with leather to allow the feet to properly breathe.

To clean the insole of your Benvado sandals, only use neutral soap with a damp cloth and let it dry away from the sun and from heat sources
All Benvado insoles are anatomic. They support weight in a targeted manner: asymmetrical curves follow the natural curvature of the foot, while the foot arch is naturally supported. The insole prevents and relieves foot and leg fatigue. It is an authentic cradle for your feet.
All Benvado closed shoes have a removable insole to ensure an ideal microclimate inside the shoe. Insoles can be purchased separately should you wish to replace one.
All the inner linings in Benvado shoes are made of genuine “aniline” leather, created through a process that does not cover the pores of the skin, which makes it breathable and allows the foot to breathe. These high-quality linings have a time-worn appearance because they are natural and not opaque.
To clean and care your Benvados, check the upper material or the description on the label that you find on the box and consult our site in the Brand menu/CARING FOR YOUR BENVAODS. Every material requires a specific care.
Remove the insoles and dry them with the tip facing downwards with newspaper inside. Position your Benvados away from heat sources to avoid white marks, cracks from stiffening of the upper and ungluing.
In the Your Benvados menu/CHOOSE YOUR SIZE at the bottom you will find a conversion ruler. First measure your foot by following these simple steps:

• Put your heel against a wall and place a ruler under your feet.
• Read the length measured in millimetres at the point in front of the longest toe.
• If you find that you are between two sizes, choose the larger size, since your feet will very slightly swell when stressed.