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Glitter Mood
The neutral colour, sealed in soft leathers, is amplified in delicate glitter iridescences, fading into the white, grey and gold of the Modena line. Perfect style for the urban outfit, glitter footwear becomes the faithful companion of every woman who walks the streets of the city wearing a pure sense of sparkling lightness.

Premium Mood
At the heart of the shoe dominates a unique shade, which expands from the footbed to the sole. This is the Premium mood, in the version of the timeless black or in a never boring leather that recalls the natural nuances. All enriched by the fantasy of the leopard texture.

Cosmo Mood
Wearing ideas for a cosmic look of sure effect: to the feet, for the comfort of Napoli shoes, and to people's eyes, for the refinement of materials and details. Platinum and sand shades revive in games of weaves and designs to provide every woman with the expression of her own walking.