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From our best seller of Siena line, a further declination is born: the Violetta sandal also in the new silver glitter version. Thin straps embrace the foot, offering adjustable flexibility thanks to the crossover on the front and the practical Velcro fastening.

A new dancing star shines in the constellation of the Modena line: it is called Rosita and has all the makings to be impalpable to the feet like the trail of stellar dust that orbits the planets. The glittered gold settles on the skin wrapping it in a harmonious embrace and elegantly ties with a strap that rings around the instep. .

Timeless as a princess, the Sissi line brings another piece to her collection: the Susi sandal. The cold metal of platinum melts in the warmth of the sand to seduce new feet. An extra touch is given by the roundness of the buckle that rests on the side. The practical Velcro straps on the forefoot and neck make it easy to adjust the fit.

The leaves of Dalia, the new sandalwood of the Napoli line, were born to decorate the feet, on which they rest gently. The comfort of the wedge is fertile ground to become the garden on which to walk, showing off the beauty it holds. The novelties are amplified in the silver glitter variant accompanied by the sand wedge.

The art of weaving evolves and becomes a young jewel to wear on your feet: the Ellen sandal, dedicated to the Firenze Line. The harmonic crossing with thin threads allows greater flexibility combined with a new comfort. It is like the appearance of the wind among the palm leaves, a gentle breath that allows the feet to walk suspended in freshness.