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A Day at the Museum

Today, Thursday 18 May, the worldwide museum community will be busy organising for International Museum Day, which will be the focal point of the “Festa dei Musei” that is scheduled in Italy for the weekend of 20-21 May.
Therefore, we are expecting a wonderful weekend dedicated to art: a walk through history to appreciate our heritage, which is recognised all over the world!

But to make these days even more carefree, we need the perfect look! Everyone knows that it is never easy for a woman to find something to wear that is both feminine and suitable, especially in an in-between season like this. It drives us crazy even though our closets are full of beautiful things! The first golden rule: the outfit must be comfortable, suitable and coherent.

It is important to dress in layers so that we can adapt to any temperature by putting something on or taking it off. We should opt for versatile garments, suited to long walks among amid paintings, sculptures, churches and monuments. Flowing tops, chinos, leggings and jeans are all perfect!

And what about our shoes? For these long walks through beautiful things, the more comfortable, the better!
And we never want to give up our feminine style, so we choose Jackie, the simple, youthful and super-elegant wedge sandal.

Modern or classical art, a temporary exhibition or a historical church: when it comes to beauty and art, we have infinite choices, and Jackie with its 7 colours will be able to accompany us on every occasion!

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