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A Life-Changing Discovery

Over the years, we have watched women’s lives - especially mothers’ - become hectic to the point of absolute frenzy. The alarm clock rings at 6:00 a.m. and there is only time for a good, strong cup of espresso.
I leave the house knowing that I won’t be back until evening, and I start walking. I walk fast. Yes, because I don’t want to risk being left behind, and I don’t want to waste too much precious time. 
I run to the office, go to the coffee bar for a break and -- guess what! -- I only take a short break. I go back to work, and afterwards I go get the kids at school and take them to music lessons, and swimming lessons! 
Sometimes I shudder at the idea of doing all this while wearing a pair of tight fitting shoes! When your feet feel great, you are a healthier person altogether - I read this in a magazine the other day! If my life has to be this busy, I want at least to be able to wear comfortable shoes while I’m living it, I told myself some time ago! 
And so I chose Benvado. I call them “anti-stress shoes” because they changed my life. Ever since I discovered them, my life has become more “comfortable”. They are with me all through the day, and they help me enjoy the satisfied smiles of my children as they tell me about the “great big” dive they took in the pool or the new chord they learned on the guitar. And I wear them in the evening too, walking the dog with the whole family as we catch up on the day’s events.
The feeling of protection and comfort that these shoes provide is indescribable. They fit around my feet like soft gloves because they are made of fine leather, and if they could talk I know they would tell me, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of your feet. All you have to do is walk!”. Really, I wish my clothes were this comfortable! 
These shoes even have strategically placed padding. :)
When I’m wearing them, I imagine my feet as having the same sensation as I do at the end of the day when I lie down on the sofa and say, “Finally, now I can rest!”

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