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Fashion has stepped down from high heels

The international fashion trend registered in recent years is the abandonment of high heels in favour of lower, more comfortable footwear that is more respectful of foot well-being.

Lower heels, which was, until recently, thought of as unusual, is today as much a trend for "ordinary women" as for the great divas.
Lower heels mean a return to that natural beauty that makes us feel in harmony with ourselves and with the environment around us. This is why by Benvado follows a very specific ethic when dressing women's feet. 
The right angle and height allows proper weight distribution between the forefoot and heel, whether you decide to wear a low sandal or a medium height wedge! 
More and more people who value style and fashion want footwear that combines respect for feet with a deep aesthetic value. And at the same time more and more people who care about their well-being and naturalness want footwear that is beautiful as well as healthy.
Who said that to be beautiful you have to suffer?

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