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Going Shopping? It's All About Flexibility

Like it or not, shopping is one of the things that we do to take care of ourselves and our families. Walking up and down the aisles of a semi-deserted supermarket can even be pleasant. On the other hand, strolling through an open air street market is delightful, with the joyful atmosphere decorated with colours and voices, smells and fragrances.

But more often than not, don't we get home loaded down with heavy bags, our feet aching? The lovely but intense mood disappears under the weight of our pain. There is a blend of feminine style and comfort that comes to the rescue in this type of situation: the Carmela sandal, which is adjustable on the most important parts of the foot.
Flexibility is key. It's the fundamental concept in both walking and shopping.
With children and partner in tow, sticking snacks and chocolate furtively into our cart, our purchases are not easily “regulated”.
But with its flexible insole, Carmela follows the movement of the foot as we walk and can be adjusted in a number of ways, thanks to the lateral straps that can restore comfort to each part of the foot, ankle and heel.
At last, Carmela lets us enjoy the wide variety of fruit and vegetables, experience the happy atmosphere and take advantage of the best deals with a smile.

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