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Ice cream with Cora!

Isn’t it great to wake up in this season and realise that nature has got up early, just like us?!

As soon as we set our sleepy feet on our bedside rug, we can hear the birds chirping - happy and enthusiastic about a new, sunny day. When, having washed our faces and gently awakened the children, we go into the kitchen and open the window, we notice that the flowers and leaves have already begun their day's work, moving in the light breeze to fill our lives with the fragrance of happiness.

These are the moments when we feel freer and lighter, less weighed down by our commitments and duties. We feel full of the vitality that only the sun, nature and warm air can give us. These are the moments when we feel like putting on a pair of sandals immediately and having a gigantic ice cream.

Let’s go! Nothing beats taking a lunch break outdoors! What would you say to a denim jacket with a long, lightweight black skirt and Cora, the peep-toe wedge sandal with the wide band on the instep? Its simple elegance makes this shoe ideal for the first warm days of spring. In the variants with printed woven velour, it’s even more fun!

And what about the ice cream? Get three scoops of your favourite flavour!

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