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Like being barefoot... with your shoes on!

“Put on your slippers!” our mothers used to say when we were little girls. We loved to walk barefoot, during summer and winter, and we still do. Maybe we’re just trying to follow our inborn desire to be free.
Today, we are no longer the carefree children that spent their days running through green meadows, and at our age, we really do have to wear shoes. So we wear Benvado, the only shoes that can fit the type of feet that love the open air, because they are made of childhood memories, nature and comfort.

The Nellie model is a perfect example of this: a combination of a soft sneaker and an ankle boot in super-soft split leather. They go with any outfit, and ensure that you walk naturally for good health.

Children walk correctly and harmoniously. It’s the most wonderful feeling there is. Being able to rediscover that emotion, the indescribable pleasure of being in sync with yourself and the world around you, is possible when you wear Benvado shoes.

Freedom is an essential value, and walking is pure freedom. If your day is already stressful, all you need to do is start walking in a pair of shoes that give you that feeling of walking naturally.

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