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Love at first... step!

Read the interview with singer and Benvado devotee Monika Callegaro

Who is Monika Callegaro - for those who don’t know you?

I was born in 1966 and I’m a happy 50-year-old. I have two children, a 26-year-old daughter and a 20-year-old son. I’m a singer and I’ve taught contemporary vocal technique for 22 years now. I have a diploma in music therapy and I have always been interested and passionate about the voice and all of its related aspects: from the physical and physiological to the metaphysical and psychological.

Why did you become passionate about Benvado?

Last year, I noticed that some of my friends were wearing special sandals that looked very comfortable, I really liked their style. I asked about the brand, since I’m always interested in really comfortable shoes that are attractive too. I have venous insufficiency and my feet are rather delicate. I have often bought shoes that promised to be comfortable but then were not, and I had trouble with them. I am often away from home all day and I have to wear shoes for a long time. If they are not comfortable, my feet hurt and my legs swell. My friends who bought Benvado were very satisfied and so I decided to try them. I got to test these shoes in June of this year in Bolzano, at an event promoted by Natural Look at the AMUVIA shop there, where I had the privilege of singing. I found them very comfortable, as soon as I put them on, and now I can't wear anything else. It was love at first step!

Describe your typical day with Benvado.

Well, there's not much to say: I put on my Benvado shoes in the morning and never take them off! They really fit well: the heel is the right height, not too high to be unstable, and not too flat. I can wear sandals with a low heel and walk my dog without being afraid when he pulls and drags me around on uneven ground. Many times, when I finally do get home, I forget to change into my slippers because I don’t feel the need to get out of my shoes. And, to be honest, I prefer wearing my Benvados even when I’m ironing because they are more comfortable and relaxing than my house slippers! The sole is so soft that I never feel like I’m “squashing” the floor. Instead, I feel like I spring off the ground, in a sort of elastic response that cushions every step.

From a professional standpoint, effective singing requires correct posture control, and being in perfect physical condition. How does Benvado influence your singing performance?
The position of your feet is very important because of how it influences posture: if your foot is well placed, the rest of your body responds better to the stresses that we all experience during our work. If we feel our feet are secure on the ground, we know they can perform their pumping function for circulation and favour proper oxygenation of the blood. Moreover, proper foot support allows us to have the balance and functional tension we need to perform to the best of our abilities and not encounter pain, strain or rigidity. For a singer, this postural equilibrium is crucial. We need it so that we can express ourselves freely and effortlessly, and without wasting precious energy to adjust breathing or sound production. Singers also have to stand up for long periods of time during performances, and uncomfortable shoes can really create problems. Even from an energetic and psychological standpoint, when I feel I have good foot support, as if I were barefoot in a meadow of soft grass, I feel pleasantly confident.

So, would you recommend Benvado shoes to singers everywhere?
Certainly! Like any other worker who has to stand up for long periods of time, correct foot position and functioning reduce tiredness and optimise performance.

How many pairs of Benvados do you have?
Right now, three pairs of sandals, two pairs of low heels and one pair of boots.

Benvado was created in Bolzano, and its headquarters are there too – right where you live. Have you ever had a chance to meet the team? Can you tell us about the people behind the brand?
I have met the team personally. They are passionate about shoes, motivated, positive and extremely kind and helpful.

Tell us three adjectives that describe Benvado shoes.
Comfortable, original and good-quality. Can you tell that I like them? ;-)

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