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Benvado Magazine

Discover the latest news about Benvado's footwear!

Welcome! Our magazin will keep you up-to-date with the latest news of Benvado, discovering a lot of interesting ways to take care of your shoes as well as of your feet.

Benvado. Keep on moving... it's going to be a great new day!
Our latest stories:

Through Umberto’s eyes

How does it feel to be part of a company for more than 10 years without losing sight of the goal? We ask Umberto Testa, the Central Italy agent!
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We have a secret

What is the secret of footwear by Benvado? How do they manage to make us relive that feeling of walking barefoot on the grass?
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Quality is a serious thing

You know that uncomfortable feeling you often get when your foot is constricted as you are putting on a sandal? It’s been a long time since Benvado fans have felt that :-)
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Our story

Have you ever wondered who the little guy is who follows us everywhere, walking merrily through the grass?
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Like being barefoot... with your shoes on!

“Put on your slippers!” our mothers used to say when we were little girls. We loved to walk barefoot, during summer and winter, and we still do. Maybe we’re just trying to follow our inborn desire to be free.
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A Life-Changing Discovery

Over the years, we have watched women’s lives - especially mothers’ - become hectic to the point of absolute frenzy. The alarm clock rings at 6:00 a.m. and there is only time for a good, strong cup of espresso.
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