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Our story

Have you ever wondered who the little guy is who follows us everywhere, walking merrily through the grass?

You’ll find out why, beginning with the logo, we care about both the physical and emotional nature of the person.

That little guy is a child. The one we all have inside ourselves and that we should never keep hidden. It’s a child that, with its purity, looks at the natural world enriched with the colours of the grass, trees, sky and mountains. The child is enthusiastic, because these things represent happiness. This image urges us to remember those precious feelings that have been lost over time.

It is a journey into the past, to the childhood we lived, racing at breakneck speed barefoot on grass and skinned knees which didn’t hurt at all because the most important thing was playing. And smiling.

Looking at this child we remember the feeling of our first steps and we make contact with the most real and natural parts of ourselves that as grown-ups very often we forget or neglect.

So you see, the child in the logo means a lot to us and represents who we are. We want our shoes to give you that primitive sensation of walking barefoot. 

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