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Through Umberto’s eyes

Interview with the headstrong agent Umberto Testa, 10 years with the Benvado team

How does it feel to be part of a company for more than 10 years without losing sight of the goal? We ask Umberto Testa, the Central Italy agent!

1) What does it mean to be the ambassador of the Benvado brand?
When I started working for Benvado, 10 years ago, it was a budding brand, ambitious, stubborn, and keen, quick to accept challenges, an asset I have always found in myself and of which I am proud of. I saw the potential immediately and I was not mistaken. We all have a professional aspiration and being part of a company like Benvado, a group in which everyone is so close to one another, brings so much satisfaction and those who are part of it are extremely proud. To be an ambassador of the Benvado brand means helping it grow respecting its DNA and establishing professional and human relationships with those retailers who choose Benvado for their customers.
2) We know you have just received a prize for your 10 years, what does this mean to you?
It means having contributed over the years, sharing successes and a philosophy. It is not that common to be part of something for so long and still have the desire to grow together. The award testifies the esteem received by the company supporting how I work, something to hang in front of my desk and contemplate and then recharge myself with new energy to look for continuous stimuli for the future.
3) Why should a woman choose Benvado.
A woman chooses Benvado because she feels enhanced thanks to a correct posture, a confident and natural walk. Thanks to a wide choice of models, from sportier to more feminine ones, the Benvado footwear is a complete product that bestows beauty and comfort. When an Italian woman goes shopping, she is looking for a shoe that is beautiful, that makes her foot look good and that is comfortable.

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