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We are women: between dreams and reality

Intense days of racing around and of small moments, moments for others and those we reserve for ourselves

The morning starts with a coffee, a kiss, a caress and is made up of love, commitment and dreams. We dream of how tomorrow will be, we savour the sensations of one day and we prepare for the next. 
And for this we need constant mental and physical energy. Wives, mothers, managers, housewives, employees, doctors, students: what we have in common are our dreams and the indispensable desire for all around well-being.
If you could choose between well-being and naturalness, fashion and comfort what would you choose? Everything! We women cannot choose just one of these! It would be like choosing between a slice of meringue with berries and a chocolate tart! Impossible! :-) 
And here the dream and the reality have never been so close. With Benvado, fashion and comfort will be your allies in the battles of everyday, along with well-being and naturalness, and, let's admit it, we can also think more if we’re wearing comfortable sandals:-) 
Benvado, dream shoes for women who dream! 

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