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Our philosophy

Remember the feeling of walking barefoot through lush green grass...

At Benvado we've devoted ourselves to creating a range of anatomically balanced, elegant shoes inspired by the way you move, to rekindle your natural connection with the earth, and get your mind and body moving as one. A fusion of elegant Italian design and innovative German function, Benvado shoes are designed to ensure you rediscover the feeling of walking barefoot once more, in every step.

Our philosophy

Walk beautifully.

Our philosophy

Meticulously crafted with a first class finish, Benvado shoes treat your feet to an unprecedented level of natural balance and luxurious comfort, every day. For each shoe we've chosen the softest most breathable leather and matched it with luxurious cushioned padding. We've then selected the perfect heel height, innovative anatomic lasts and foot bedding to ensure that each pair of Benvado shoes cradles your foot like a soft glove.

Half sizes for a fit that's twice as precise

English sizes are based on the inch unit (2.54 cm). Since an inch is far too big for a gap between sizes, it was divided by three, resulting in a size difference of 0.846 cm. As this is still quite a big difference, half sizes are commonly produced. Benvado made a conscious decision to use the English shoe-system, thus allowing the shoe to be more precisely adapted to the foot.


We are a small company, but we dream big.


Just like the foot is unable to function without the rest of the body, every Benvado employee is united by a singular passion to create beautiful shoes to unite and balance the mind, body and soul, naturally.
From the initial development phase and development of the product to the creation of the brand, everyone in Benvado contributes with passion to reach this goal. Thanks to their effort, Benvado is now a byword for the joy of living, creativity, freedom and authenticity.


More than just a word.


To give customers the greatest possible benefits.
To deal with all our buisiness partners in a fair way.
To comply with exacting social standards in order to guarantee human health and dignity.
And to respect nature as the origin of all lives.

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